We’re all about being. Besmart is just that be smart take the initiative and start living a life that you should be living. Stop letting the days go by and not doing something about yourself God damn it get up and kick some ass that’s what be smart is all about it’s about healthy living healthy thinking and being overall healthy person. So what does this mean really I’m not just talking about physical health I’m talking about psychological social and spiritual health now I know what you’re thinking no this is not a pitch for God although if God is your thing more power to you what I’m talking about is an overall well-being to be a contributor to humanity to be a contributor to life and to do things the way that they’re supposed to be done. And in my world as well as many other people’s world doing the right thing is exactly what you need to be doing so being smart means to be a player of the game take the initiative and get involved with things do right by someone else contribute to society help those that need to be helped.