Golfing for Seniors

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One of the attractions of getting older is the thought that we will have a lot more time to actually do the things we enjoy doing, without having to worry about other obligations that can sometimes get in the way.

For many of us this can mean taking things that have been lifelong hobbies and pastimes and spending more time on them, perhaps even going to other places in the world that are famously connected to them.

One thing that many seniors enjoy is playing golf. Not only is it fantastic exercise for the whole body, it involves being out in the fresh air, walking long distances and also has a great social aspect.

This last point can be an extremely important one as it is now firmly established that older people who are socially active and maintain or increase their interactions with other people have better health than those who do not.

People who become socially isolated in later life appear to suffer a decline in health as well as their general mental wellbeing and happiness.

Golfing holidays

Another great thing about golf is that some of the best courses in the world also happen to be in some of the most desirable locations with the most attractive climates.

So by going on a holiday with friends or family that is based around your passion for golf, you really can take advantage of many different factors which will be good for you.

Holidays in Portugal are always popular for golfing enthusiasts and in particular trips to the Algarve region, as some of the best courses in the world are located there.

In neighbouring Spain there are many fantastic courses just inland from the long golden beaches, and of course you are virtually guaranteed plenty of sunshine.

Even massively popular resorts such as Benidorm are well served by golfing opportunities, with 15 top class 18 hole golf courses on the Costa Blanca in the region, including the excellent Jack Nicklaus designed Real de Faula near to the town itself.


There is a wide range of accommodation available for all ages, and the needs of older people who may suffer some mobility issues are addressed by modified hotel suites and villas with features such as disabled baths.

The conclusion is that no matter where you want to go in the world, if you have a passion for golf you can enjoy heath benefits from the activity itself, benefits that the social side brings and visit some wonderful locations too.

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